Uitharden visualizes the temporality of ones personal space, ones living space. A clear separation can be found in society between people who find a personal space self-evident and people who are very rarely certain of such space.

The homeless person is never certain of a personal space, a space to call home.

Uitharden critiques this separation by playing out the processs and consequences of the lack of personal space in acceleration.

Samuel lays down in the sleeping bag, lays as still as possible, while his co-performer covers the sleeping bag in plaster. Over time, approximately thirty minutes, the plaster will harden, his personal space will take it’s definite form.

After this process, Samuel will exit the sleeping bag. While doing so, his personal space will be destroyed permanently.

Performed by Samuel Woerdeman & Luca Fay van de Laar
Photographed by Lucy Schreurs