Samuel is the author of "De 3e deur" (The third door).
In his autobiography Samuel shares his experience with the Dutch mental healthcare for young adults (GGz JOIN).
De 3e Deur is currently only available in Dutch.

The book can be purchased here.

Articles (Dutch only)
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Articles (English only)
LICC "Do we buy art now"

International Artist Magazine N134, 'The Vampire Bat' (print only)

Nieuwe Veste, Tegenlicht Meetup

Samuel Woerdeman
1996, Breda

Tel: +31 6 512 99 237
E-mail: (secured connection)

2017 - 2020
Trendresearch & Concept Creation
in Lifestyle
Fontys Hogescholen

2020 - Now
New Design & Attitudes
ST Joost School of Art & Design

2022 - 2023
Minor Arts & Humanity
ST Joost School of Art & Design

Me, myself & I & I & I invites the observant to reflect on their actions, their movements and the traces their existence leave behind. More so, this work portraits how actions, movements can be perceived outside our own world.

Me, myself & I & I & I starts off with a photo taken of the workstation. The photo is projected on a 1,5 x 2 meter surface. Samuel traces the photo with charcoal, films this process and selects a videostill from the film. This videostill is projected over the existing photo of the workstation and get’s traced as well.

This process repeats itself five times, capturing five moments of Samuel in action, capturing himself in his actions minutes ago.

Me, myself & I & I & I is considered to be a performance, publication or projection.

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